Lando Norris and Max Verstappen roasted the race organisers with their funny banter.

The 2021 Belgian GP was one of the worst races in recent memory, and that’s not because of some unfortunate disaster. It was because it was, quite simply, the most uneventful race ever. To put it into perspective, the race lasted three laps, and all behind the Safety Car.

Verstappen took victory due to the qualification standings, with George Russell clinching P2 and Lewis Hamilton rounding off the podium. The race is the shortest race on the calendar, but in the torrential rain that never stopped, it lasted a staggering four hours.

After the race, Norris couldn’t resist joking about the absurdity of what had happened in Belgium. He directed his jokes at race winner Verstappen, who joined him. Together, Norris and Verstappen roasted the race organisers with their funny banter.

“Great race, mate! Unbelievable driving,” Norris said to Verstappen as they shook hands.

Verstappen wasn’t going to give up on the Banter either. He delivered an equally sarcastic response to the McLaren driver, clearly enjoying himself.

“Thanks mate! Yeah, it was really tough,” the Red Bull driver responded, as both men tried to suppress their laughs.

But then, after what Norris said, the duo burst out laughing. The British youngster had the last laugh, quite literally, when he said, “I was catching you.”

Shock and (no) awe

After sharing the laughs and the banter, the two drivers went their own way. However, laughing and joking was the one thing no one driving did during the Belgian GP.

Quite bizarrely, there was a sense of impending doom when the stewards shockingly green-lit the session to go forward. This was unbelievable because the rain continued to pour heavily, and it was only a day later when racing in the rain saw a bad crash during Q3.


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