Norris crashes badly at Spa, Vettel checks on him – Watch the video here

Lando Norris crashed badly at Spa during the Belgian Grand Prix, and Sebastian Vettel went to check on him.

Norris was dropping a masterclass, leading both Q1 and Q2. He looked set for his maiden pole position until disaster struck. At a rain-soaked circuit, Norris thundered up Eau Rouge, but lost control and hit the barrier.

The race was subsequently red-flagged as the staff went to check on the McLaren driver. Thankfully, he is okay, and was taken to a medical centre for check-ups. Fans held their breath during the initial seconds of silence after Norris came to a stop. However, they were relieved to see him move around and speak on the radio.

Aston Martin’s Vettel, who was driving behind him before the red flag, slowed his car down and went to check on his colleague. His actions and concern for Norris’ well-being earned him the plaudits of all F1 fans, if he hadn’t already earned them.

WATCH: Sebastian Vettel stops his car besides Lando Norris in Q3 to check  if McLaren driver is fine after his scary qualifying crash
Vettel (green) checks on Norris (orange) after his nasty crash. Source:

Catastrophic incident

Earlier, Vettel had raged at race control for proceeding with Q3. This was in stark contrast to his concerns that the track was too wet, and that driving there was a big risk. However, the higher-ups proceeded with it. Soon enough, Norris crashed and proved the four-time champion right.

Norris missed out on what was almost a surefire pole, and it is heartbreaking to see him suffer another near miss. If his car is cleared to compete on Sunday, he will start from 10th on the grid. He will most certainly look to charge up the ranks and trouble those sitting at the top.

McLaren will be holding their breath on the condition of his car. If it is not too shabbily damaged, we could yet see the rest of the Norris masterclass in Belgium.

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