Lando Norris is doubtful regarding a repeat of the Monza heroics at the Italian GP.

Italy hosted a historic McLaren 1-2, their first in over 11 years in Formula 1. Norris took second place, while teammate Daniel Ricciardo completed a stellar weekend with a massive win. McLaren were superb all weekend, and had the pace to match the Mercedes too.

Ahead of the Russian GP, the young Englishman was quizzed on another McLaren masterclass like the one that happened in Italy. Norris remained doubtful regrading a repeat, but said that they would try their best.

“Probably not,” Norris said, as quoted by

“We will try our best. “We will try to maximise everything. There are some tracks that we are definitely better at and some we are worse at, but there are these opportunities that arise for us that we are good at taking advantage of and being in the right position at the right time. We had an amazing weekend in Monza.

Norris: I've had an "almost perfect" first half of the F1 season
Norris (pictured) says he doesn’t think Italian history will repeat itself. Source:

Well-earned win

“It was a bit of a shock for everyone, but we were there on merit and were very quick all weekend.

“But it does not mean we will be like that every single weekend from now on. We did not find anything magical. We had a better weekend and things flowed better for us, and the car suited the track.

“That is the way it is going to be for the rest of the season. Some tracks will be better and will be more competitive, and some tracks work in a struggle more. But how good or bad we will be, I am not too sure yet,” he concluded.

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