Norris follows in the footsteps of Hamilton by switching base to Monaco – “The reasons are very obvious”

McLaren driver Lando Norris explained his move to Monaco, delivering a sharp reply to critics who questioned the decision.

F1 drivers love to make Monaco their place to residence. A move to the Principality makes sense for a lot of reasons, including the cheeky one of the place being a tax haven.

With many on the grid already living in Monaco, the young McLaren driver could have a lot of neighbours. It also helps that many countries which host F1 races are near the place.

Norris explained his move to Monaco, and responded to critics accusing him of doing it for financial reasons.

“It’s not been something I’ve been thinking of for a very long time and I was very happy being where I have been for the last two years,” he said, as quoted by

“But there is a point when… to look after my future for the last two years it has been better to be where I’ve been by being near McLaren, so I can access it easily and so on, but now is the point where it’s, for my future, more beneficial to move to Monaco.”

Lando Norris defends his move to Monaco.v1
Norris (pictured) will be a Monaco man in 2022. Source:

Doing it for himself

“The reasons why are very obvious and I’ve said the reasons why,” the young British driver continued.

“There’s probably drivers in the paddock here who get to F1 and make some decisions because they expect their career in F1 to maybe be 10 years, and it can turn into one year or two years.

“This can be life-changing for yourself for 20, 30, 40 years’ time. Anyone else in the world in my position, they would probably do something very similar.”

Norris will love his move to Monaco, and couldn’t give a hoot about what others think of it. The podium-winner at the 2021 Monaco GP is optimistic about it, and we are as excited for him as he is.

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