Norris explains relationship with Ricciardo – “Our off-track interests are very different”

McLaren driver Lando Norris explained his relationship with teammate Daniel Ricciardo, saying that it was a very different vibe with the Australian.

Norris is one of the friendliest drivers on the grid. His relationships with many drivers seem very wholesome. However, the best one has to be the friendship with Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, which fans have branded ‘Carlando’.

Sainz and the British driver were teammates for two seasons at McLaren. Although they raced hard and fast, they had a very fun dynamic off the track. McLaren made sure to cash in with videos of them doing all sorts of things, earning them the love of one and all. The Spaniard departed for Ferrari at the beginning of 2021, with Ricciardo taking his place.

Norris explained his relationship with Ricciardo, saying that he has two distinct relationships with his current teammate and his former one.

“One thing is simple, our off-track interests are very different: he’s more into wine, clothes and stuff, whereas I’m more into golf, eSports and that sort of thing that Carlos was into as well,” he said, as quoted by the Spanish edition of

Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo shake hands. Russia September 2021
Norris (left) with Ricciardi (right). Source:

“(With Sainz) I played golf from time to time, we competed on the simulator and stuff like that. To have a closer relationship, one thing is clear, and that is that you need to spend time together and have fun, and golf is one of those things that made everything better.”

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“We are still very good friends,” he spoke of Sainz.  

“We talk to each other from time to time, make jokes and things like that. We get on really well, as we always have since we were teammates in 2019.”

“There’s probably no one I want to beat more than Carlos, and it’s probably mutual. It’s part of the challenge. I have respect for all the drivers, but I also have friends among them that I race against. He’s part of that.”

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