Norris highlights confidence boost from beating Ricciardo – “It makes you think of good things”

Lando Norris highlighted the confidence boost he received from repeatedly beating Daniel Ricciardo this season.

Ricciardo joined McLaren and Norris this season, but hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. His teammate, by contrast, has has an exceptional year with multiple podiums and solid drives.

Given the age difference between the two drivers and the Australia’s stellar resume, it is a huge deal when someone can routinely outperform him. Ricciardo is a top driver, and to make him look second-best is an amazing feat.

Norris highlighted the confidence boost he received from beating Ricciardo, but stated that he was keeping himself grounded.

“There’s always that question when you go up against a driver like that of ‘are you going to do well, is he going to beat me in every single qualifying and race of the season?’” the young Englishman told the Race.

Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo
Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo. Credits:

“Those thoughts go through the head a bit before the year, but when none of that happens you think ‘Okay, if I can do this against him, he could beat this guy when he was in the same car, then I must be in a decent place’.

“It makes you think of good things.”

Standards set high

Norris was also quick to say that despite having a better season than his teammate, Ricciardo was someone who could turn his fortunes around at any moment.

“But on the flip side, it doesn’t make me feel like I’m suddenly the best driver in the world because there have been some races where Daniel has been quicker than me and qualifyings where he’s been quicker than me,” he continued.

“He’s still Daniel, once he clicked and finds his way, I hope to still be quicker than him. But I know it’s not like I’m always going to be quicker than him because he’s a very good driver.

“My confidence has definitely come up with how I feel I’ve performed and it’s not necessarily all because I’ve beaten Daniel, but a very small part of it is just that little bit more confidence,” he concluded.

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