Norris laments McLaren’s slip-up in 2021 season – “Ferrari got much stronger we did”

Lando Norris lamented McLaren’s slip-up in the 2021 season, holding up his hands with respect to Ferrari beating them.

McLaren and Norris were flying in the first half of the season. Both team and driver were looking at a great third-place finish in the championship standings. However, both proceeded to bottle that position to their counterparts from Ferrari.

The British pair took podiums at the races held in Emilia Romagna, Monaco, Styria and Italy. The latter also saw the only 1-2 of the season, as Norris and teammate Daniel Ricciardo took P2 and P1 respectively. Therefore, the end-of-season standings having them below Ferrari were all the more surprising.

Norris lamented McLaren’s slip-up in the 2021 season, and admitted their inferiority to Ferrari in the second half of the season.

“There are things for me to improve on again, but I’m happy, it’s still been my most successful season,” he said, as quoted by

“Personally, I feel like I did everything I could to give us as a team the best opportunity to go against Ferrari. Although it still didn’t work out, I think how I started the season really put us in that position.

Norris (pictured) surrendered a strong lead to Ferrari. Source: Octane Photographic Ltd

“Ferrari was strong from the very first race, and that’s what people don’t realise. They were super strong from race one. And they just got much stronger than what we did.

“They did a good job, they did a better job than us, and we have to try and do better next season.”

Go again next season

McLaren failed to beat Ferrari like they did in 2020, meaning the momentum is now very much in the red camp. Nevertheless, the 2022 season will see rivalries renewed, and this time under new regulations.

Norris had his best season ever in 2021, and he will look to build on that when the new one kicks off in 2022.

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