Lando Norris and George Russell

Lando Norris and Nikita Mazepin trolled George Russell for his fashion sense on Instagram.

Norris and Russell are great friends, having been close since their karting days. They are known for their sense of humour and banter with each other. The two drivers have always been spotted making fun of each other whenever they get the chance. The most recent episode of it took place recently.

Russell shared a picture of himself on Instagram. Right now, the F1 drivers are enjoying their time off before the Russian GP. Accordingly, Russell posted a photo of him having fun during his weekend. It was seen by Norris, and he wasted little time poking fun at the soon-to-be Mercedes driver.

Russell captioned his photo on Instagram, “Weekends aren’t the same without F1.” Norris then trolled him with a reply referring to Iron Man in the Marvel Comics, saying “Tony stark over here.” 

Mazepin also found Norris’ joke hilarious, and he proceeded to reply to the McLaren driver’s comment with some emojis. Essentially, Norris and Mazepin trolled Russell for his fashion sense.

Jester Lando

Norris is not funny only with Russell. He tries to be fun-loving and jolly with everyone on the grid, and has bantered the likes of Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel as well. Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, who was his former teammate at McLaren, is also someone Norris frequently picks on.  

“I played some golf with Lando,” Sainz recalled recently. “Lando won this time, although he did a particularly unpleasant post on social media, like saying ‘I crumbled’ or something like that.

“When we were just playing for fun. Imagine I would have to put in social media all the times that I beat him at something. He would be depressed,” Sainz roasted his best friend on the grid.

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