Norris reveals fear while racing Ferrari at Austin – “I was going to t-bone Charles”

Lando Norris revealed his fear while racing Ferrari at Austin, and said that he very nearly ended up crashing into Charles Leclerc.

At one point, there was some intense racing between the two McLarens and the two Ferraris. It got too close for comfort, but it ended with no issues whatsoever.

Norris was at the thick of it, jostling for position with Leclerc and Daniel Ricciardo. All the three drivers made it out of the corner, with Norris leading both of them. However, he backed off and continued.

The angle of entry and the way the three cars ran alongside each other was a little dangerous. Norris revealed his fear while racing Ferrari, and said that things were sketchy heading into the end of the straight.

“I was so scared because it’s such a wide track, and I know it was three abreast, I knew Daniel was on the outside, so I had to be careful,” Norris told after the race was over.

“But then I couldn’t break too late because I knew Charles was just ahead. So, the angle – I was on the apex, Charles was coming, pretty much, I was going to t-bone him if I went in any harder.

Lando Norris is interviewed in Austin. United States GP October 2021.
Norris (pictured) revealed how he was holding his breath through the racing sequence. Source:

“So it got a little bit sketchy, I obviously didn’t pull the move off, so a bit of a shame, but tough.”

Not ideal

Norris finished in seventh place, behind the two Ferraris. He was not very happy with his performance, but stated that it was a very tough weekend for his team.

“It was a long race, a tough one,” Norris continued.  

“Not a lot we could do realistically following. At times, I thought we had better pace and I think, altogether, considering Charles was 25 seconds ahead or something – 20 seconds ahead of Daniel – I think it showed they were just the quicker car again today.

“So (it was) disappointing that we couldn’t do anything more, but it’s the way it is sometimes” he concluded.

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