Norris sends fans into fits of rage after revealing favourite food item – “People look at me weirdly”

Lando Norris has sent fans into meltdown after revealing his favourite food item to those watching him.

Norris and teammate Daniel Ricciardo were asked what their taste buds loved the most. Ricciardo chose something which most can relate to, but the young driver’s choice surprised a lot of people, and especially Italians.

Upon being asked what their go-to food item was, Ricciardo admitted to loving some good old maple syrup if he is craving something sweet. Then the question went to the British driver, whose choice was, well, questionable.

Norris sent fans into meltdown after revealing his favourite food item, and it’s safe to say he won’t be the cream of the crop.

“One thing I have a lot of is salad cream,” he said.

“Salad cream is quite far the biggest winner. So salad cream on pizza, salad cream on pasta well, is incredible.

“A lot of people look at me weirdly when I have this, but it’s something I have,” Norris concluded, and it’s safe to say he has repulsed some Italians.

Norris’ salad cream obsession has surfaced earlier as well. Last year, while sampling Italian food with Carlos Sainz, he whipped out a sachet of salad cream to make his pizza better. Yes, you read that right.

Fan favourite

The McLaren driver’s food choices may be questionable, but one thing that’s not in doubt is his star among fans. A recent fan survey put him as the second-most popular driver on the grid today.

Norris was ecstatic with the result, and expressed his happiness with it.

“A win for me is obviously a win on track, but having these little things off-track as well for the team and for myself, it’s nice,” he said.

“Knowing I can have a bit of an influence on that younger generation of kids growing up and that age group, and even still with some of the older ones, then it’s nice to know that they’re supporting me.”

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