Nurburgring responds to Domenicali asking for German GP – “Still willing to talk”

The iconic Nurburgring responded to F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali asking for the German GP to return, saying that the ball is in his court.

F1 hasn’t had the iconic German GP in two years. The country’s rich history and their bond with motorsport is well-known. The German GP is thus a historic part of F1’s all-time calendar and has been witness to some legendary moments over the decades.

However, fans haven’t had a race in Germany since 2019. It is a glaring omission on the calendar, especially because there are other races less historic and less memorable than the German GP. With F1 expressing their regret over the situation, they have received a reply.

The Nurburgring responded to Domenicali asking for the German GP to return, and said that they are very much open to talks.

“We are still willing to talk,” communications director of the operating company, Alexander Gerhard, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur as quoted by Planet F1.

“We continue to take the view that we can very well imagine Formula 1 at the Nurburgring, but under economically sensible general conditions.

“As an idea, you are allowed to position the Nordschleife because it has a great tradition. I would never completely reject this idea, nevertheless there would have to be talks with all parties involved.

Lewis Hamilton during the Eifel Grand Prix at the Nurburgring
The German GP hasn’t been seen since 2019. Source:

“That would be the third step, not the first.”

The sport speaks

Earlier, Domenicali had expressed his regret and disappointment with Germany not hosting an F1 race.

“I’m disappointed and also sad that we don’t have a German Grand Prix at the moment,” he said.

“But unfortunately, I don’t see any real interest from Germany in becoming part of the Formula 1 calendar again. That’s a shame and actually hard to believe. I hope this will change again in the future.”

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