Oxfordshire athletics club honours Sir Frank Williams

Members of the Oxfordshire athletics club honoured the late Sir Frank Williams, saying he was a great person and comrade.

Williams passed away peacefully, leaving the F1 world in mourning. Tributes poured in from all over the world for the grand old man, with everyone unanimous in their praise for the motorsport icon.

The former team principal of Williams commanded respect wherever he went, and was also a great friend to many, including those outside F1.

Some members of the Oxfordshire athletics club honoured Sir Frank Williams, and remembered the many memories they shared with him.

As quoted by the Oxford Mail, founder of White Horse Harriers Athletics Club Dave Martin said, “Many people have been saddened at the loss last year of Sir Frank Williams, of Grand Prix fame, not least by members of Abingdon ACC, of which he was a member, and White Horse Harriers ACC for his generosity.

“On a chance meeting John (Stead, president of Abingdon Athletics Club and I talked of Frank and the absence in the obituaries of any mention of his love for running and his contribution to the two clubs.

“In the early 80’s John struck up a friendship with Frank at a local race in which they had competed, after which they became training partners, covering many miles together on the lonely road of the long distance runners. Frank, as an unattached runner soon became a member of the Abingdon outfit, at John’s invitation.”

Oxford Mail: Frank Williams running at an event
Frank Williams (pictured) during his younger days. Source: oxfordmail.co.uk

Class act

Mr. Stead also hailed the departed legend, saying he was a man of integrity.

“Frank wrote back to say ‘that it would be inappropriate for his company to do so, please accept my personal donation’, a person cheque to the sum of £300. It was of course accepted and a letter of gratitude posted,” he said.

“Dave also invited Frank to do the club the honour of presiding over the prize giving at the event but owing to his considerable commitments to Williams Racing it was, with regret, not possible to accept.

“His generosity and support for both clubs says much about Frank Williams the runner.”

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