Palmer blames both Verstappen and Hamilton for crash – “It was silly on both their parts”

Jolyon Palmer blamed both Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton for the controversial crash at the Saudi Arabian GP.  

The race at Jeddah was marked by controversy, as the title protagonists collided for the umpteenth time this season. This time, Hamilton ran into the back of his rival’s car after he erratically slowed down and caused confusion.

Verstappen was hit with a penalty for his actions, while the seven-time champion shrugged off the problem and drove away from the Dutchman to seal the victory. It was his third win in as many races.

However, Palmer blamed both Verstappen and Hamilton for the crash, saying that they were both to blame in some capacity.

“The next series of moments (after Verstappen’s overtake) were a real mess, as the teams and the FIA attempted to resolve matters, with Verstappen having already been deemed to have crossed the line of acceptability twice in wheel to wheel moves,” Palmer wrote in his column, as quoted by

“The touch between the two drivers on Verstappen’s first attempt to let Hamilton through was silly on both drivers’ counts.

Verstappen and Hamilton (left to right) were involved in a collision. Source: Red Bull

“Hamilton should have just taken the place rather than slow to a crawl behind his rival in the midst of a Grand Prix, but out of frustration, it looked like Verstappen hit the brakes and initiated contact with his rival in the most unnecessary manner.”

Fine margins

“Both drivers were trying to be behind at the DRS detection line to gain the advantage on the next straight, but frankly it shouldn’t have mattered,” he continued.

“Given the order to let Hamilton through, Verstappen never should have been allowed to take the place back immediately after through that benefit, and I’m sure the stewards wouldn’t have allowed it anyway – as was the case a few laps later.”

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