Red Bull driver Sergio Perez credited teammate Max Verstappen and the media for helping him push towards “another level” in 2021.

Perez joined Red Bull after many years at Force India/Racing Point. Throughout his time at his old team, he was a solid midfield challenger who was in the thick of the action happening at the front of the grid at times.

The Mexican’s debut season at Red Bull was a good one. Despite struggling initially to match Verstappen’s pace and results, he adapted eventually and ended the season on a strong note. He ended up scoring 190 points less than Verstappen and finished the season in fourth place in the Drivers’ Championship.

Perez credited Verstappen and the media for helping him push towards “another level” in 2021, and gave an overview of his first season with Red Bull.

“(It was) very intense,” he said, as quoted by GP Fans.

“It was extremely intense. A lot of work was done behind the scenes (and there was) a lot of pressure.”

Verstappen and the media pushed Perez to "another level"
Perez (left) with teammate Verstappen (right). Source:

Pressure breeds diamonds

“When you are at Red Bull Racing, the pressure is on and everyone is watching you, what you do,” Checo continued.

“(The media) is a lot harder to a Red Bull driver, which is understandable but yeah, it wasn’t easy but it brought me onto another level. Having Max as a teammate, he really pushes you to new levels and makes you really happy.

“I am enjoying it a lot at this point of my career, I am really happy and that is most important. I think in general, with the top teams there is a lot more pressure which is understandable. It is part of the game, it is quite normal.”

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