Perez omits Hamilton from one-man list of drivers better than him in motor racing

Sergio Perez put himself and Max Verstappen above Lewis Hamilton, and proceeded to call his teammate the best in the sport.

Verstappen contested an epic down-to-the-wire battle with Hamilton in 2021, only winning the championship on the last day under both dramatic and controversial circumstances.

Nevertheless, it was established that the two were miles clear of everyone else that season.

Perez, meanwhile, managed a P4 in the Drivers’ Championship. The Mexican had a good season, but he was firmly a tier or two behind the HAM-VER duo. However, he doesn’t believe that is the case, and is of the opinion the top two in the sport is probably VER-PER.

Perez put himself and Verstappen above Hamilton, and gave reasons as to why he thinks that way.

As quoted by, the two-time race winner said, “There is no other driver that is at one with the car like Max is.

“He’s been at Red Bull for a long time, and you can see that straight away. You still see some weaknesses with other cars, with other drivers’ cars. But Max, the way that he’s at one with the car, I don’t think there’s anyone that compares to him in that regard. He’s really, really into it.

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen in Mexico, 2021.v1
The two best drivers in F1 today, according to Perez (right) himself. Source:

“He’s at a very high level, as we can see, and I think I have a tremendous benchmark with him. I see it as a very positive thing because you have a fantastic benchmark on him since FP1.”

“You have a great reference to him, to lead up to great results. Ultimately, as a driver, you want to be working with the best, and I think, right now, he is the best in Formula 1.”

Yourself included?

When asked if he really thought the Dutchman was the best on the grid today, Perez proceeded to say, “I think, if we discard (myself), yes.”

He was then asked if he sees himself fighting Verstappen, Hamilton and whoever else in the mix for the title, to which he said, “I think so.

“I think next year it’s a new opportunity to all start from zero and grow from there. I think that’s something that can be very good for me.”

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