Piers Morgan has ripped into Max Verstappen after his loss in Brazil, stating that Lewis Hamilton schooled him at Interlagos.

Hamilton started from 10th place and ended up winning the Brazilian GP. It was a stellar victory, and was made even sweeter by the fact that he took his championship rival to the cleaners.

The Dutchman could not live with Hamilton’s pace, and had to resort to dirty defending to keep him at bay. It would prove futile, as the seven-time champion rallied back and made light work of his opponent’s Red Bull a few laps later. By the end of the race, he was over 10 seconds ahead.

Piers Morgan ripped into Verstappen after his loss in Brazil, and suggested that he was simply annihilated by the British Knight.

Morgan took to his Twitter to tweet, “Verstappen just got given a driving lesson by Hamilton. That’s how a real champion races a car.”

Piers Morgan Max Verstappen
Morgan (right) delivered a brutal dig at Verstappen (left). Source: Getty Images


After his masterclass, a beaming Hamilton said, “The team did an amazing job. Valtteri (Bottas) did a great job to get as many points as possible.

“I was pushing as hard as I could. From last on the grid and then another five-place penalty, I think was the hardest weekend I’ve had, but my dad reminded me of 2004 when I was in Formula 3 when I was in Bahrain when I started last and then I finished 10th, and then I finished first. So this one was for my dad.

“Coming into this weekend, I never ever thought we would be able to close the gap like we had today. Then these things that just kept going against us, but it really shows for everyone, never give up. Never, ever stop fighting and that’s how I’ve really approached this weekend.

“It feels like the first because I don’t feel like I’ve had a win for a long time,” he concluded.

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