How much does it cost to own the closest simulation of an F1 drive in your living room?

F1 as a sport is no longer a niche phenomenon. It has escalated in popularity in recent years and has attracted a large number of fans.

Fans want anything and everything related to sports. When it comes to F1, they will most certainly have a bucket list of sorts. It could be anything ranging from attending a race in person to getting a photograph clicked with their favourite driver.

The rise of the sport has also seen interest in some other things surge, and one of them has been merchandise. Purchase rates of things like racing seats, steering wheels and the like have skyrocketed, and the sport is thriving because of it.

Back in 2011, Red Bull Racing launched a partnership with Playseats, a Netherlands-based gaming seat manufacturer. The pair have collaborated on various gaming seats that cater to any and all requirements in the market.

Playseat® Evolution Alcantara PRO - For all your racing needs
The Playseat Evolution Pro. Source:

Some of the seats look very similar to the position an F1 driver takes up inside the cockpit of their racing cars. However, if that is not for your taste, there are others that cater to every possible posture your frame can conjure up.

Fresh off the launch

The latest arrival from Playseat is the Playseat Evolution PRO. It is an all-new cracking model that promises to be the best in class.

If you don’t believe us, take Red bull’s word for it. According to the Milton-Keynes outfit, the model is a “a genuine racing seat, thanks to the authentic shape and the specifically developed ActiFit upholstery, and the Red Bull Racing Esports edition of the chair is the only way to own a Playseat® Evolution PRO with this advanced fabric.”

The seat starts from a very competitive $800 excluding add-ons. It works perfectly with multiple gaming consoles, most notably the PlayStation, Xbox and the Wii. It is also compatible for people who play on their PCs.

For further details, check out for the deals available.

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