F1 journalist lays into British media for victimising Hamilton in Abu Dhabi fiasco

Russian TV commentator Alexey Popov ripped into British media for victimising Lewis Hamilton, saying that all that happened was part of racing.

Hamilton’s defeat at the Abu Dhabi GP came with a ton of controversy. It was depicted as a robbery everywhere, and while it actually was one, some people took exception to it.

The TV personality was one of those who did not like the portrayal of Hamilton and his situation. He argued that it was far from necessary, and called out one particular section of the media for it.

Popov ripped into British media for victimising Hamilton, and slammed them for not letting it go.

“I think everything is fair in the season. Specifically in this race – yes, Lewis was stronger, but that’s sport,” he told Championat.

“I’ve seen a lot of fans upset that it wasn’t their favourite who won. They tie in analogies from other sports: ‘But imagine if a team leads 10-0 in football and then they give one penalty that costs like 11 goals’.

Lewis Hamilton holds his trophy aloft. Abu Dhabi December 2021.
Popov did not like media saying that Hamilton (pictured) was robbed.

“No, guys. That’s not how it works in motor racing. There’s a chequered flag in motor racing.”

Take it on the chin

“And even take this season. (Charles) Leclerc was in the lead at Silverstone – Lewis passes him at the end. (Lando) Norris at Sochi, pop, and Lewis passes him,” he continued.

“That is, such situations happen without any breakdowns: tactics, tyres, some rain… Yes, it was an extreme case, but you can’t say: he had a 12-second lead, but the pace car took it all away.

“That’s part of racing. Fair or unfair, (Michael) Masi or no Masi, it’s all part of the race. The odds can stay or they can be nullified.”

“I’ve seen the story in the English press, ‘Our boy has been ripped off’’. I don’t think he’s been ripped off. He was very deserving this year, and had he won, he would have been a fine, deserved World Champion.

“But Max (Verstappen) won – and Max is no less deserving World Champion,” he concluded.

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