Prince Kaybee was left upset with Lewis Hamilton’s disqualification, saying that his treatment by the fans was partial and even racist.

Hamilton was disqualified from qualification in Brazil after it was found his rear wing failed the FIA’s test. He had to start from the back of the grid during sprint qualifying, but it would be a case of repetition if it is mentioned what happened next.

Even though the seven-time world champion dropped all jaws and took one of the most improbable victories in recent memory, the disqualification left a sour taste in many people’s mouths. Among those was the musician and car fanatic, who took to Instagram to share his view regarding his incident.

Prince Kaybee was left upset with Hamilton’s disqualification, and highlighted the racism he gets on a daily basis.

“White people have harassed Lewis his entire career until this very minute,” the star wrote, as quoted by Times Live.

Prince Kaybee has commented on the racism Lewis Hamilton has endured.
Prince Kaybee (pictured) is a big Mercedes fan. Source: Oupa Bopape

“Also the fact that all of a sudden it’s not about the car just because Max is winning. But if it is Lewis winning then it’s the car not the driver. Racists are exhausting,” the DJ wrote.

Germanic war

Kaybee’s love for cars goes back a long way. He is a massive fan of Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG, and that means he is not a big fan of the manufacturer’s rivals, particularly BMW.

His fans came to know of his hatred for the Bavarian manufacturer when he engaged in a heated Twitter war with musician and actor Naak Musiq. Naak is a BMW fan, and Kaybee did not appreciate it.

Kaybee tweeted, “BMW engineering is k*k like k*k musiq,” a blatant shot at Naak.

Naak Musiq was not at all pleased with Kaybe using his name in a slander tweet, and proceeded to fight him on the bird app.  

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