Prost not open to new ideas in F1 – “Much more for the tradition”

Alain Prost insisted that he was not very open to new ideas being implemented in F1, saying that the sport is fine as it is.

F1 has been seeing many ideas take shape. From the new sprint qualifying session to the rumours of reverse grid racing taking shape, there is no shortage of brainwaves ready to be discussed.

The sprint qualifying session, for example, has been green-lighted to run for six races in 2022, up from the three in the previous year. The sport will have been significantly altered from even a few years ago, something the former world champion is not a fan of.

Prost insisted that he was not very open to new ideas in F1, and insisted that the sport should stick to its traditions.

“I am completely against the reverse grid (idea), for sure,” he said, as quoted by

“Formula 1 should not accept that, even for the sprint. It’s not because Lewis (Hamilton) has done a fantastic race starting from last (in the Sprint Qualifying at the Brazilian GP) that we should think that it’s going to be the same every time and with every driver.

Prost (pictured0 wants F1 to remain old-school. Source: Renault Sport

“That does not happen like this. So I am much more for the tradition, and Formula 1 has to stay the way it did.”

Change in tastes

“I must recognise that we have more and more young fans, with the Netflix series (Drive to Survive), and we have attracted some young people, (the) young generation, which is fantastic,” he continued.

“And they obviously like this kind of race that we have seen, the sprint race and Lewis’ race in Brazil, but Formula 1 has to stay more traditional.

“It’s a compromise between the number of races, number of fans and obviously the money that you can generate.

“But if you have more success and you will bring more sponsors in, maybe we could have also a little bit less races. (But) it looks like it’s not the way that we are going,” he concluded.

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