Prost spills details about Alpine exit – “I was made to say things I didn’t want to”

Former team advisor and technical director Alain Prost spilled the details about his Alpine exit, saying that CEO Laurent Rossi was a big reason for his departure.

Prost’s time with Alpine came to an end after he left the team on Monday. The four-time world champion turned down a contract extension, and is the second high-profile exit after team principal Marcin Budkowski.

With the French team trying to overhaul their employees, I makes sense to have a few exits and a few signings. However, the former F1 driver’s departure came out of nowhere, and now he has revealed the reason.

Prost spilled the details about his Alpine exit, pinpointing Rossi as a big reason for it.

Speaking to French newspaper L’Equipe as quoted by Motorsportweek, Prost said, “Laurent Rossi wants all the light.

“The 2021 season was very disruptive for me, in that I felt that the old ones (at the team) had to go.

“I accept the change because we don’t have to do F1 always the same way. We can do it differently, and that is what throughout the last year has been done. But for me, it became too complicated.

‘CEO Rossi wants all the light’ – Prost expands on Alpine exit
Prost (left) will no longer be with Alpine. Source:

“I was no longer involved in the decisions. Sometimes I did not even share in them at all but I had to continue to put out the official word. I was made to say things I didn’t want to.”

No transparency

“Even as a member of the board of directors, I discovered certain decisions at the last minute,” he explained.

“One might not be able to be heard, but at least one should be warned in time. It’s a question of respect. Relations became more and more complicated. I felt that there was a lot of jealousy.

“What I don’t appreciate is the relationship and the lack of respect for people. When the team boss doesn’t even say hello to you when you arrive at the circuit, it’s because there’s no more fun. There isn’t even any respect anymore. And then it just can’t work,” he concluded.

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