Prost weighs in on Abu Dhabi situation – “The FIA has a very, very big challenge now”

F1 legend Alain Prost weighed in on the Abu Dhabi situation, saying that the FIA have a big task on their hands now.

Abu Dhabi saw the sport turned on its head, as the season finale ended with an outright breaking of the rules. It was a disappointing flashpoint where controversy and politics reared their ugly heads, with the consequences having far-reaching effects.

An investigation is being conducted into what transpired at Yas Marina that night. With the FIA’s incompetence at the centre of it, the time before the new season is being observed by one and all.

Prost weighed in on the Abu Dhabi situation with his verdict, saying the FIA now have to sit and reassess everything about the sport.

“What happened, for sure, was not very correct – that is obvious,” he told in an exclusive interview.

“On the other side, we have some very, very difficult rules at the moment. There’s one thing that we have to be very careful (of), and that’s what could happen now, today.

The race where it all went wrong for the FIA and for F1. Source: Mercedes

“There is always a lot of pressure from different teams. When you’re a top team – we’re talking about Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari – you always put a lot of pressure for the rules, for the technical rules, for the clerk of the course.”

Avoidable situation

“At the end of the day, look at what happened in my time – you could have the red flag,” he opined.

“All the cars would go on the grid, you couldn’t touch the car, and then you started again. Maybe that would have been the best decision.

“We have a new rule that now you can touch the car, you can change the tyres or whatever, but it takes much more time.

“So you have to be very careful about how you judge that but, for sure, on the sporting side, it was not very correct. That’s why the FIA has a very, very big challenge now, for the next month, to have clear rules,” he concluded.

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