Raikkonen gives thoughts on racing with Alonso – “There was something odd happening between us”

Kimi Raikkonen gave his thoughts on racing with Fernando Alonso, and praised his fellow veteran.

Raikkonen and Alonso are two legends of the sport. They made their debut in the same race, the 2001 Australian GP.

Since then, the two drivers went on to have illustrious careers and won world championships. They even battled for the top spot, with Alonso beating the Finn in 2005 and losing out in 2007. Then they became teammates at Ferrari in 2014.

Having been a part of each other’s lives, Raikkonen gave his thoughts on racing with Alonso, and said that he always appreciated having a benchmark in him.

“I think he’s always been very good,” Raikkonen told the Beyond the Grid podcast, as quoted by Racingnews365.com.

“As a teammate, I’m kind of certain that there was something odd happening, like between us. For sure, I didn’t have a very good year, for many reasons. I didn’t do that well, but we all know he’s fast every weekend.”

Raikkonen (pictured) has enjoyed battling Alonso. Source: Alfa Romeo


“I’ve never been in a position to pick who my teammate is, so it could be anybody,” he continued.

“I think that’s good because it pushes you always and (forces you to) push each other. I don’t see any negatives. If you purely looked at the numbers of qualifying or this and that, then some people are more interested (in that).

“Honestly, I’m not so fussed about winning against my teammate in qualifying. To me, the race has always been the important part of the weekend.

“We have had some good battles this year and end up racing against each other. Obviously, we are both in different parts of our careers than we were in those days.

“I think one thing you can notice is that you can race with him very closely, as it always was with him.

“You kind of know what’s going to happen or what was not going to happen so, in that way, yes, it’s different. You get what you expect and, with some other people, you are not so sure,” he concluded.

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