Kimi Raikkonen has given his opinion on social media use.

Raikkonen will be retiring from F1 at the end of this season, marking the end of an era. His 19 years in the sport have been decorated with many accolades, including his world championship in 2007. The 21-time race winner will depart the grid a lifelong fan of F1.

However, as we all know, Raikkonen is not a fan of many things. Press interviews, long questions and lack of drinks in his car are the ones we know about. However, he has also come on record to say that he is not a fan of some social media habits.

Raikkonen has given his opinion on social media use, saying that no matter what you say, someone will inevitably have a problem with it.

Speaking to Top Gear before he tested positive for COVID-19, Raikkonen said, “Life is a bit f**ked up these days, unfortunately. 

“It’s craziness. Whatever you say, some people like it, other people hate it. It doesn’t matter.”

Kimi Raikkonen to retire from Formula 1 at the end of 2021 | Formula 1
Raikkonen (pictured) said social media is living on the edge. Source:

Social life

Raikkonen stayed away from social media until four years now. Now he has an active Instagram account, where he regularly posts pictures of himself, his racing and his family.

When asked why he decided to join Instagram, Raikkonen said, “My brother has kids, and I enjoyed being with them even before mine came along.

“Maybe it would be good to be home a bit more often, but they’re used to it, you know?”

Raikkonen’s positive test meant he missed the Dutch and the Italian GP. Alfa Romeo called on the services of reserve driver Robert Kubica, who finished both races out of the points and brought the car home safely. The Iceman will return at the Russian GP, having made a full recovery from the virus.

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