Ralf asks Verstappen to be “cleverer” while taking risks

Ralf Schumacher asked Max Verstappen to be “cleverer” while taking risks, saying that he would be a flawless driver if he eliminated that hitch.

Verstappen burst onto the scene many years ago, and was immediately noticed for his lightning-quick pace and great racecraft. However, many were quick to point out his aggressive driving and an uncanny inability to look around him, something he still hasn’t ironed out of his style.

Fans adore the Dutchman for showing said aggression, but others say that F1 is a sport that is more than individual glory, and that he needs to be careful while attempting risky moves.

Ralf asked Verstappen to be “cleverer” while taking risks, and suggested that he would be more likeable if he did that.

“Max certainly didn’t want Lewis (Hamilton) to hit his car (in Saudi Arabia), but he has now also slowed down a bit and slowly downshifted,” he told Sport 1.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen side-by-side. Saudi Arabia, December 2021.
The two gladiators of this season. Source: planetf1.com

“I love the risk Verstappen is taking. Max just has to be careful not to overdo it. It gets borderline with him, sometimes he has to be a bit cleverer.”

Ralf prefers Max

Ralf also spoke about the 24-year-old’s appeal, and said that he is the type of driver he loves to watch.

“Both drivers (Hamilton and Verstappen) have brought the excitement back to Formula 1 right to the end,”” he continued.

“I don’t begrudge them both the title, but Verstappen is closer to me in terms of type.

“He has an opinion, he embodies the young motor sportsman who has learned very quickly. Max, like the Red Bull squad, also deserve it after so long.

“In that respect, Hamilton sometimes needs a lot more from the team. Max simply has super potential. Unfortunately, he’s in the worse car at the moment,” he concluded.

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