Ralf Schumacher is critical of Sebastian Vettel re-signing for Aston Martin.

Aston Martin announced recently that Vettel will stay with the team along with current teammate Lance Stroll for the 2022 season. The four-time world champion had many rumours surrounding him, including ones suggesting he would be retiring after this season. However, those have been nipped in the bud for now, with Vettel staying in F1 for one more season at least.

Many fans have expressed their happiness at Vettel staying for another season. However, Michael Schumacher’s brother is not the biggest fan of the news. Ralf was critical of Vettel re-signing for Aston Martin, saying that their best years will come when he has retired from the sport.

Speaking on the live blog of Motorsport-Total.com, Ralf said, “When Aston Martin can finally fight for the title, I don’t think Vettel will drive in Formula 1 anymore. I see it negatively for Aston Martin at the moment.

'When Aston Martin can fight for the title, Vettel is no longer in F1'
Ralf Schumacher is critical of Vettel (pictured) re-signing for Aston Martin. Source: gpblog.com

Ralf argued that there are other teams better than Aston Martin at the moment, and they are more likely to be title challengers than his current team. “Others are in a better position, for example McLaren,” Ralf said.

Happy to see him stay

Ralf then proceeded to express his happiness regarding Vettel staying in F1. The rumours have been quashed for the next year at least, and Ralf gave his thoughts on the same.

“He wants to move on now – and I think that is good, also for us in Germany,” the former F1 driver said.

“At this point in his career, there are only two options. Either I stay with the family or I keep driving.” 

Vettel will use his experience and his winning mentality to try and help propel Aston Martin to new heights.

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