Ralf Schumacher is happy Sebastian Vettel signed for Aston Martin.

The four-time world champion was announced with Lance Stroll as part of the team’s line-up for the next season. Vettel’s reason for staying was his excitement to race in the new car, among others. The decision was met with joy from fans.

The former F1 driver was one among those who wanted Vettel to stay. He revealed that he had some doubts over Vettel staying in the sport. However, Ralf is happy Vettel signed for Aston Martin.

As reported by Speedweek, Ralf said, “I’m really happy that Sebastian has made this decision, for Formula 1 worldwide.

Sebastian Vettel: Why was Aston Martin driver disqualified at the Hungarian  Grand Prix? | GiveMeSport
Ralf Schumacher is happy Sebastian Vettel (pictured) stayed in F1. Source: givemesport.com

“Losing a personality and a champion like Sebastian Vettel would have been a shame for the whole sport. He was extremely critical on various points frequently. We know how much environmental protection is important to him, which I think is great.

“But in Zandvoort, he was in a very bad mood, and there were again critical words on the whole environmental issue in Formula 1 and around it. I had doubts and thought, ‘Hmm, he’s ready now and thinks about everything, and maybe wants to spend time with the family too?’” 

Vettel has still got it

Ralf explained that leaving F1 is a tough decision to make for drivers. He said that whether you have fun on the track or not is the dealbreaker for drivers.

“I know this situation myself when you sit down and don’t really have fun anymore; you travel, the family is at home, you are alone at the racetrack and ask yourself questions about the meaning,” Ralf said.

“In races like in Hungary, where Vettel almost won, you can see the glow in his eyes. This is Sebastian Vettel as we know him,” he concluded.

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