Ralf not impressed with Hamilton’s activism – “Sport and politics must not be combined”

Ralf Schumacher is not impressed with Lewis Hamilton’s activism, and said that he can do anything he wants out of racing.

Hamilton is one of the greatest racing drivers to have strapped himself to a Formula 1 car. What makes him different to the rest of the pack is his willingness to spread awareness about various social issues, using his sport as a platform to do so.

There are many who disapprove of his commitment to social issues and his methods of raising awareness. The seven-time world champion is a divisive figure, but when people are questioning his efforts to make a difference, it is something unimaginable.

Ralf is among those not impressed with Hamilton’s activism, and said that he respects what he does as long as the sport is not involved.

“His values are very important and he can represent them on Instagram and the other social networks,” the former F1 driver said, as quoted by express.co.uk.

Lewis Hamilton
Hamilton (pictured) uses sport for activism. Source: Getty Images

“The only question is why he always has to do it in a Mercedes suit and on the racetrack. It can be polarising.

“If the drivers rush into things like that too much, it is dangerous ‒ the sport doesn’t deserve that. I am firmly convinced that sport and politics must not be combined. And if it is, it is definitely not the job of the driver.”

Using his voice

Hamilton will continue to fight for what is right and what he believes in irrespective of public criticism.

“There’s changes that need to be made,” he said in Saudi Arabia.  

“For example, women’s rights of being able to drive in 2018, it’s how they are policed. 

“Some of the women are still in prison from driving many, many years ago. So there’s a lot of changes that need to happen and I think our sport needs to do more.”

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