Ralf Schumacher has slammed Lewis Hamilton for dramatising his injury from the Italian GP.

Hamilton and title rival Max Verstappen collided midway through the race at Monza. The resulting crash saw both drivers taken out of the race. However, there was a moment of shock at the time, with Hamilton being saved from severe neck injury only because of his car’s halo.

Verstappen’s car’s tyre on top of Hamilton’s head was a jarring sight. The seven-time champion later complained of neck pain, and it was looked into by the teams.

However, Ralf slammed Hamilton for dramatising his injury from the Italian GP, stating that the pain wasn’t there at the Met Gala he visited the very next day following the race.

“I think Lewis was too dramatising of it, considering that he flew to New York the next day to attend an event,” Ralf said, as quoted by GrandPX.

lewis hamilton for young black designers to attend the met gala
Hamilton (left) was slammed by Ralf for attending the Met Gala. Source: elle.com

Ralf also took exception to Mercedes’ protection of Hamilton, stating that every time the British Knight is criticised, Toto Wolff rushes to his aid and shuts down the criticism.  

“If there is any criticism at all, Toto comes right out and says ‘That’s not how you talk about a seven-time world champion,’” Schumacher said.


Hamilton’s injury appeared legitimate, given there was an entire car on top of him. He complained of the pain after the race, and took exception to Verstappen’s aggressive racing. He argued that the Dutchman’s blind charge into the corner triggered the crash.

Nevertheless, Hamilton flew to attend the Met Gala the next day, and turned heads with his expensive and classy attire. However, he made headlines for his incredible gesture at the event, having funded emerging designers of colour to attend the Met Gala.

“The Met is the biggest fashion event of the year, and for this theme, I wanted to create something that was meaningful and would spark a conversation.

“So that when people see us all together, it will put these black designers at the top of people’s minds,” he concluded.

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