Red Bull addresses Abu Dhabi investigation – “I don’t want to sound like the UK Prime Minister”

Red Bull addressed the Abu Dhabi GP investigation, saying the sport will be on thin ice once the results come out.

The sport’s governing body will meet for discussions on their investigation regarding the race at Yas Marina, which saw a breaking of the rules that ended up influencing the result of the world championship.

Everything started when Race Director Michael Masi allowed only a certain number of lapped cars by during the Safety Car restart. It left Lewis Hamilton a sitting duck to Max Verstappen, who otherwise would never have caught him and won the championship.

With the race result still shrouded in controversy, an important investigation was scheduled to address the issue. Red Bull has now addressed the Abu Dhabi GP investigation, saying F1 must be concrete regarding the rules from 2022.

Speaking on The Jack Threlfall Show podcast, Red Bull sporting director Jonathan Wheatley said, “I don’t want to sound like (UK Prime Minister) Boris Johnson and say I’m waiting for a certain report to come through, but it is really important that the FIA do their investigation and work with the teams on that investigation and we should all follow the outcome of whatever that investigation is.

“If we look broad brush at race direction, it’s a very, very difficult role that the Race Director and the stewards have.

F1 must learn from outcome of Abu Dhabi investigation – Red Bull
Verstappen (facing) won the world championship in Abu Dhabi. Source: XPB

“We look at that and we talk about the consistency of the stewards’ decisions, consistency across the board, like people who watch football would like to see from referees, and it’s not always the case.”

Watertight clarity

“Of course, we’d all love it to be very, very clear,” he continued.

“We’ve had this great, overarching philosophy of ‘let them race’, but let them race is just a philosophy. You’ve then got the black and white of the regulations, which is often very prescribed in terms of what penalty (to apply). There’s no wriggle room in it at all.

“I think these are the areas of the sport that needs to come from the very top; it needs to come from the World Motor Sport Council, who need to say, ‘Here are the principles by which we’re going racing’. Then it’s up to the FIA and the teams to work together to ensure a consistent set of sporting regulations.”

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