Red Bull bans Ferrari from attending ‘private meeting’ after getting called for ‘manipulating FIA rules’

Ferrari had an encouraging time in 2022 and although the team was well off the pace compared to Red Bull in the eventual constructors’ standings, their car was very fast.

This will be good news for the Scuderia, who barring reliability problems and dodgy decision-making from former boss Mattia Binotto, could have thoroughly pushed Red Bull.

With 2026 the year when new technical regulations will be enforced, teams are often in consultation over how they will be implemented.

The Engine Advisory Committee is generally seen as healthy discussion place when many sides of the argument are heard with respect to new rule proposals.

Ferrari, however, was reportedly banned from attending this meeting by a host of teams, headed by Red Bull.

Other teams were also not keen on having Ferrari around as the Scuderia had refused to agree to F1’s new rules in 2026 despite seeing signatures from other stakeholders.

While many teams missed the first deadline (October 15) of accepting the terms and conditions for power unit suppliers for 2026, they had signed the dotted line when FIA set a second deadline.

These included the likes of Mercedes, Alpine, Honda and Red Bull.

Ferrari reportedly refused to agree to this as it is concerned by how Red Bull might get access to more benefits by ‘bending the rules’.

The Prancing Horse is believed to be happy for concessions to be made to Audi in order to aid their speedy acclimatisation in the sport, but feel it is wrong for Red Bull to manipulate the rules.

If Red Bull signs as Red Bull Powertrains, it will theoretically allow them greater access to funds and development time and this is Ferrari’s main concern.

Will Ferrari eventually sign?

Ferrari F1. Credit:
Ferrari F1. Credit:

It is not as if teams are happy with all regulations in place, but are trying to work around the problems to find positive solutions, as explained by Alpine boss Laurent Rossi.

“We had some points we wanted to discuss on the legal side, to make sure that we fully covered as much as possible, which we did,” Rossi said.

“We just kept on discussing those points as far as we could. And at some point, when we reach a level in discussions where we think we’re all in a good position, we sign – or we’re going to sign. I think it’s imminent.”

Red Bull and Porsche were on the verge of signing a deal to enter as one collective unit in 2026, but this reportedly broke down.

It is believed that Red Bull was not keen on losing its freedom over decision-making.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner spoke about how Red Bull Powertrains will indeed enter the fray in 2026.

“The deadlines were extended but there’s an awful lot of discussion about governance and tidying up some of the technical regs and obviously financial regs as well,” Horner said.

“But as a newcomer for 2026, Red Bull Powertrains has entered.”

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