Red Bull camp gets raided by police armed with sniffer dogs following Max Verstappen’s win

Red Bull was in a celebratory mood after Max Verstappen stormed to victory at the Canadian Grand Prix, but the staff was not allowed back into the pits just as they were looking to pack up.

Local police had been deployed, along with sniffer dogs, to check the legitimacy of the team’s win and ensure that no ill practices were taking place.

The team didn’t realise this immediately though, and were celebrating on the podium till well after the race was completed.

However, a thorough inspection of their garage was already underway by this time.

As reported by Sky Sports’ Ted Kravitz, it was only a “routine check”. While this does happen from time to time, it was still a little surprising about how late in the day it was conducted.

“The Red Bull team were not allowed back into the garage after the podium because there was a sniffer dog and a policeman in there,” Kravitz said.

He turned his attention towards a Red Bull team member. “Did the policeman and the sniffer dog find anything? Are they still here? No they’re not still here. Did you see the sniffer dog and the policeman who was in here, you couldn’t go back into the garage?”

Kravitz continued, “It was weird. Was the sniffer dog looking for cans of Red Bull? Did he find any? That’s good.

“Canadian sniffer dogs clearly can detect explosives, drugs and sickly sweet fizzy drinks with lots of sugar and caffeine in. The Canadian sniffer dogs are clearly very talented.

“It was really weird and a strange time for the Canadian police to come around with the sniffer dogs for whatever they were looking for.”

Verstappen forced to dig deep

Max Verstappen. Credit:

As far as the race was concerned, Verstappen had to work hard for his win.

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz provided him intense competition in the closing stages, with both Ferrari and Red Bull adopting distinctly different strategies in Montreal.

While Verstappen seemed to be well in control going into the final few laps of the race, a crash for Yuki Tsunoda meant there would be a safety car deployed.

This allowed Sainz the opportunity he was waiting for as he began his assault with the help of fresh tyres.

Sainz even made it as far as the DRS range, but was unable to force an overtake on Verstappen.

As things panned out, Verstappen notched his sixth win of the season and moved 46 points clear at the top of the drivers’ standings.

Perez endures forgettable weekend

Sergio Perez. Credit:
Sergio Perez. Credit:

While Verstappen gave Red Bull plenty to be happy about, fellow teammate Sergio Perez’s weekend was not as impressive.

After struggling through qualifying, there were still some people optimistic that he would be able to make a charge during race day and grab some important points. It was needed both by his team and for his own sake, given his proximity to Verstappen in the drivers’ standings.

However, the Mexican driver was forced to retire from the race after just seven laps after suffering a gearbox problem.

With both Sainz and Charles Leclerc coming in the points, Ferrari was able to claw some points back in the race for the constructors’ championship.

The team currently trails Red Bull by 76 points, with Mercedes also looking to provide competition in third spot.

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