Jolyon Palmer expects Red Bull cruise in Brazil unless ‘external factor’ makes presence felt

Former F1 driver Jolyon Palmer feels that the only way Red Bull driver Max Verstappen will not finish the Brazilian Grand Prix with a record-breaking 15 wins in a season is if the race is a ‘messy’ affair.

Few teams apart from Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes have been able to challenge for podium finishes and that trend is expected to continue in Brazil.

However, the Brazilian GP has produced some exciting races in recent years and Palmer is hoping that something similar is in store this weekend.

“A few incidents, a few Safety Cars, something that you’re not expecting,” Palmer said.

“The only surprise podium we’ve had this year is [Lando] Norris in Imola. Last year we had [Esteban] Ocon winning, [Fernando] Alonso hit the podium, you had [Sebastian] Vettel and [Pierre] Gasly on the podium, [Daniel] Ricciardo won a race. Blimey, it was all happening last year.

“This year, you’ve [only] had Lando Norris creep onto a third place in Imola, which was another Sprint weekend.”

Palmer still predicts Red Bull cruise

Jolyon Palmer. Credit:
Jolyon Palmer. Credit:

In terms of the forecast, there is a high probability of rain during the event, which will undoubtedly lead to a more intense tussle for top honours.

Palmer did reiterate, though, that the Interlagos Circuit would assist Red Bull if external factors don’t intervene.

“I think you need a bit of a scrappy one because otherwise you’re looking at, probably, a Max win because the Red Bull car and certainly with the long straight will be very quick,” added Palmer.

“Hopefully we get a great race, it’s a good racetrack, with overtaking possibilities.”

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