Red Bull designs crucial new parts in bid to regain advantage over Mercedes

Red Bull has designed crucial new parts to beat Mercedes this season.

The Milton-Keynes outfit led for much of the first half of the season. However, two bad races later, they find themselves sitting behind defending champions Mercedes. The German team took advantage of two terrible races for Red Bull, and currently lead both championships.

Red Bull are definitely not happy with the situation. According to reliable sources, they have designed new parts to beat Mercedes. Red Bull understands that there are major changes to the sport scheduled for the next season.

However, they want to go all in on this one, considering they could still be champions by the time the season concludes. According to Auto Motor und Sport, they seem to be the only team to design new parts.

'Red Bull has designed new parts in order to beat Mercedes'
Red Bull will hope their new parts can help them beat Mercedes. Source:

Situational tactics

The teams don’t want to reveal any of their new tech, lest it give their rivals any sort of advantage. Red Bull hopes that Max Verstappen can use these new parts to beat Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. They believe it can help him win his first world title, and their first Constructors Championship in a long time.

This is especially important because of the setback they are about to suffer in the next race. The damage caused to their cars in the last two races means they will have to replace the powerplants of both their cars. This means Verstappen and Sergio Perez will have to take grid penalties.

The grid penalties are not confirmed, but it could happen. If that is the case, it would be even harder for Red Bull to take the fight to Mercedes. That’s why they need their new parts to work, and to stay on the tail of the Mercedes and possibly beat them.

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