Red Bull engineer calls out viewers belittling their work – “It’s not a Monaco party!”

Red Bull Senior Systems Engineer has called out viewers belittling their work, saying it is not utopian by any means.

Many viewers recently took to social media to mock the Red Bull staff. They said that their work was nothing, and that they do it only because “they get paid for it.” This didn’t sit well with the Red Bull engineer, who took to social media himself to defend his colleagues.

Taking to his Twitter account, the Red Bull Senior Systems Engineer called out viewers belittling their work, saying it is far from easy to achieve, and it is in fact very demanding and challenging work.  

A fun little thread for the ‘ItS wHaT tHeYrE PaId FoR’ crew who thinks it’s all one big constant party,” the engineer tweeted, clearly annoyed with trolls who mocked his job.

Red Bull engineer responds to critics: It's not all a big constant party
Being a member of the race crew is no easy feat. Source:

He then went on to describe a typical race weekend for a member of Red Bull Racing, or indeed any F1 team. They follow a very intensive and strict schedule, and time and working hours are of the essence.

Job description

The team starts the day early and works long hours. The meals of the day are eaten at irregular times. The crew also has to undergo long hours of repeated travel. F1 mandates travel all across the world, and that is for the crew in addition to the drivers. Like the rest of us who complain about jet lag, this lot cannot be doing it.

The engineer concluded his statement by addressing the viewers in question, saying, “Working in Formula 1 is an incredible privilege that few of us will ever know, but that doesn’t mean it’s some Monaco party everywhere.

“It’s hard work and it’s lonely for our families. That’s why there are no rivals in the pit lane, just our new, second travelling family.”

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