Red Bull explain their rapid pit stops – “It’s human performance”

Red Bull explained their rapid pit stops and the way they do them, saying that it all comes down to the personnel on the job.

Red Bull are the kings of quick pit stops in F1, having taken the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award for the fourth year in a row. When it comes to swapping of tyres, the team is the benchmark to beat for the rest of the grid.

Their 2021 record was simply mind-boggling, having seen Max Verstappen come in and go out in a staggering 1.88 seconds. Such is the efficiency of the pit stop crew at Milton-Keynes, and the team is proud of it.

Red Bull explained their rapid pit stops and the way they do them, and said that it all boils down to human efficiency.

Team sporting director Jonathan Wheatley told the team’s website, “I think one of the most exciting and interesting aspects of my role is the overall responsibility for the team’s pit-stop performance.

“It can be a bit of a double-edged sword. Things don’t always go right. But it’s something I’ve taken a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for and I’ve enjoyed so much over the years.

“The team’s had an extraordinary four years, success in the DHL trophy four years in a row. I think that consistency, that desire to be the fastest, to be the best at what we do, and also to be the safest at what we do, it’s in the team, in our bones, in our DNA.”

Sergio Perez leaves the pits. Mexico November 2021
Red Bull, the kings of the sub-two second pit stop. Source:

Right tools

“Fundamentally, you have to start by looking for someone who’s got great core stability – it’s human performance,” he explained.

“A pit-stop can often be confused for this bit of equipment or that bit of equipment but ultimately, it’s a human endeavour.

“So we work very hard with the guys in terms of their mindset and also with their core stability. You don’t want any injuries, you want the same people at the last race as at the first race.”

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