Red Bull fears two punishments if Mercedes win appeal with the FIA

Red Bull are reported to be fearing two punishments if Mercedes win their appeal with the FIA, as revealed by

Max Verstappen escaped a penalty for what he did to Lewis Hamilton at the Brazilian GP. The FIA’s decision did not sit well with Mercedes, who challenged their call to spare Red Bull of any punishment. It has been taken up, and there is a possibility of them reversing their decision.

Even though Hamilton eventually ended up winning the race, an action like that from Verstappen warrants a penalty by the book. Although it is being disputed whether he will take one for the race or for the next one, there has been no official confirmation yet.

However, it could be double trouble for the Milton-Keynes outfit. Red Bull are reported to be fearing two punishments if Mercedes win their appeal.

If the German team are victorious, the FIA could punish Verstappen with a post-race five-second time penalty. That would deliver a massive blow to his title bid, as it would demote him to third place and cause him to lose three points.

Verstappen (pictured) may face a penalty. Source: Getty Images

There is also another scenario to be worried about. The FIA could hand Verstappen a grid-penalty for his actions in Brazil. He will have to serve it next race, and that is being held at a track about which everyone knows surprisingly little.

Hand of the law

The rules state that any driver who tries to deliberately initiate actions that jeopardise the race of another driver will be investigated by the FIA.

“Manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers, such as deliberate crowding of a car beyond the edge of the track or any other abnormal change of direction, are strictly prohibited,” according to the rules.

“Any driver who appears guilty of any of the above offences will be reported to the stewards.”

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