FIA offers Red Bull and Max Verstappen ‘accepted breach agreement’ following discreet settlement talks

The FIA has offered Red Bull an “accepted breach agreement” in light of discovery that the team overspent its budget cap during Max Verstappen’s maiden championship win.

While the two parties were reportedly in conversations that took place “behind closed doors“, it is now believed that the decision may be announced during this weekend’s United States Grand Prix.

While Red Bull’s “minor breach” could have been as high as $7.25 million, it is reported that the team only went over the mark by approximately $2 million.

A big part of this cost has been attributed to the “free lunches” offered by the Milton Keynes outfit to its entire staff.

Red Bull F1. Credit:

Earlier, it was expected that Red Bull team boss Christian Horner would address the media about his team’s position and possible outcome on Friday, but these talks were postponed since talks between his team and the FIA continue to take place.

A points deduction for either the 2021 or 2022 season is an unlikely outcome, especially given the fact that it was only a minor breach.

This has not dissuaded other stakeholders to push the FIA to apply bigger penalties to Red Bull.

An underlying reason behind this is that given the introduction of the budget cap last year, teams want the FIA to show just how serious a matter it is to overspend and wants the governing body to make an example of Red Bull by being strict in its disciplinary action.

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