Red Bull wary of ‘the big threat’ in 2022 season and it’s not Mercedes or Hamilton

Red Bull have marked Ferrari as “the big threat” for 2022, saying they were wary of their progress.

Ferrari bounced back from a disastrous 2020 to have a resurgent 2021. In the last season, they ironed out the many hitches they had at the turn of the decade and became a key player in the battle for P3 by fighting with McLaren.

McLaren led their Italian rivals for the majority of the season in the Constructors’ Championship standings. However, a collapse from Woking and relentless consistency from Maranello saw the latter take P3 ahead of their rivals.

As a result, Red Bull have marked Ferrari as “the big threat” for 2022, saying they think the Prancing Horse could pose a great challenge to them.

As quoted by, Red Bull Sporting Director Jonathan Wheatley said, “I think it’s very difficult to predict at this point; you only have your own references compared with last year’s car.

“You can get snippets of information from other teams, but you don’t know if they’re telling you the truth, or just trying to make you make worried.

Red Bull vs Ferrari may be a battle in 2022. Source: Getty Images

“Basically, you have to look at your own office desk and you have to do the best job that you possibly can with that.”

Fast Ferrari

“Ferrari – certainly the power unit – looked to be very strong at the end of the year; they were clearly the third-fastest team at the end of the year,” he continued.

“They’ve got a great driver line-up, as well. I wasn’t sure about whether they would gel together as drivers, but they seem to have done that very well.

“I think Ferrari are going to be the big unknown, or possibly the big threat this year.”

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