Red Bull gets accused of not being an ‘honest bunch’ by rival team at car launch

Chief technical officer at Aston Martin Andrew Green took a veiled dig at Red Bull following their car launch.

It is a known fact that the cars that are displayed at these events are often not much like the final product offered to drivers during pre-season testing.

This is often done to teams wanting to hide their secrets in terms of design ahead of the season.

Dr Helmut Marko himself confessed that the Red Bull shown at the launch is different from the one that will be presented to Max Verstappen during pre-season testing.

In essence, this made the launch just a branding exercise. The only thing that is pretty certain to remain the same is the livery.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner was optimistic that the team would be able to complete all development work soon enough.

“Because it’s new regulations, it’s going to evolve very, very quickly,” he said at the launch.

“I think by the time we get to the first race, the car’s not going to look very much like this and I think the evolution will be very, very quick as we progress through the season.”

We’re not trying to deceive anyone: Green

The AMR22. Credit:

A day after this, Aston Martin revealed its challenger. It’s worth mentioning that their 2022 challenger looked a lot closer to what the final product might look like.

It is on the basis of this that Green took a dig at the way Red bull manages its affairs.

“We’re an honest bunch, we’re not trying to deceive,” he said.

“We had a car available. We didn’t want to do a livery launch, we’re beyond doing livery launches this year – we wanted to do the real thing.

“We’re shaking down tomorrow and really what we wanted to do was shakedown as early as possible, to check the systems out on the car and give us some time between shakedown and [the] Barcelona test.”

Sebastian Vettel and Lawrence Stroll will line up for Aston Martin this year. Do you believe they will improve on their performance from last season? Let us know in the comments below!

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