Red Bull offers full support to Masi – “He is more than capable”

Red Bull have offered their full support for Race Director Michael Masi, saying he is the man to carry on with his job.

Masi’s call at the Abu Dhabi GP’s final lap has led to the fiasco F1 finds itself in today. The fallout from Yas Marina has seen protests, legal battles, divided fans and investigations, and that’s just beginning to describe it.

Even though the Australian’s decision made for an entertaining watch, it was a breaking of the rules, and something that should have never been done. It also ended up influencing the world championship result, making it a farce all around.

However, Red Bull have offered their full support for Masi, saying he was more than a worthy Race Director.

“Charlie (Whiting, former Race Director) had the respect, he was consistent in his decision-making, consistent in the way he dealt with people across the board,” Red Bull sporting director Jonathan Wheatley said in an interview with Jack Threlfall.

“He knew when to tell you to shut up and when you needed an arm around you. He was an extraordinary man in that respect. I think the FIA were slow to realise just what a big pair of shoes that would be to fill. I think Michael, with the right support, is more than capable of doing that.”

Masi (pictured) has been backed by Red Bull for 2022. Source: Getty Images

People of the Masi

“On a personal level he is entirely a really, really nice guy with no edge to him at all,” he continued. “And he listens and tries to do the very best that he can.

“We have supported Michael, teams have supported Michael and Michael’s helped us. We’ve worked together in a collaborative fashion and that’s worked out really well. And the trouble is, that collaborative fashion dies a death when it’s broadcast.

“I did think at some point, of course, the team principles were going to then take over that channel, because the pressure is too important not to, these decisions are too important. So of course it does. And of course we can’t have those conversations with the race director if you know they’re going to be broadcast.”

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