Red Bull pauses Max Verstappen celebrations to make classy gesture towards rival Lewis Hamilton

Social media has made communication a lot easier than ever before, but it has also led to making the modern world a rather cruel place, with no chance spared to tear individuals down.

This has undoubtedly made its way into Formula 1 as well, with online hate stemming onto circuits as well through unacceptable behaviour at many circuits this season.

While people have always had their favourites in the past, the nature in which fans have clashed this year has made for some unsavoury moments.

While any sport is richer when there are strong personalities involved and healthy banter between fans, it becomes quite another thing when this tips over the line and turns into abuse.

In light of that, the events that transpired at the Mexican Grand Prix undoubtedly can be counted among the best moments of the campaign.

With Red Bull driver Max Verstappen already wrapping up his second successive F1 championship with five races to spare, all attention has shifted to other facets of the sport.

Red Bull engineers show their class

Verstappen stormed to victory once again in Mexico, but the manner in which the Red Bull engineers cheered Mercedes driver and rival Lewis Hamilton en route a P2 finish was a spectacle to behold.

It’s important to factor in the fact that their own driver Sergio Perez was tussling it out with Hamilton for second spot, but their gesture was pure class.

It is no secret that this season has not panned out quite as Hamilton would have liked.

Far from last season when he was involved in an intense battle with Verstappen for top honours, Hamilton has struggled to win a single race this year.

This is perhaps what F1 and motorsport has always been about despite tempers running high and individuals crossing the line in recent years.

Mutual respect and appreciation of all drivers is what makes the sport great and Red Bull proved that through their actions at the chequered flag.

It may not be the most unique moment in the sport, but with so much flak and animosity emerging between teams in recent years, it was a gentle reminder about the DNA of the sport.

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