Red Bull’s suggestive tweet has sent social media into hysterics, with the team savage social media game being displayed in full capacity.

Social media game is something that is almost a requirement in competitive sports. F1 has some of the best social media admins in the world today, and Red Bull has displayed it yet again.

At the Mexican GP, Red Bull beat Mercedes with a barnstorming performance. However, there were some factors that aided their win, and two of them were Daniel Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas.

Bottas left space for Max Verstappen at the start of the race, who left no time taking the lead. Later, Bottas was trying to make up places, but found himself behind Ricciardo for almost the whole race. Ricciardo also happens to be a former Red Bull driver, and that was something the social media admin made sure to poke fun at.

Red Bull’s suggestive tweet sent social media into hysterics, as they roasted their rivals by calling the two drivers “their friends”.

“We got by with a little help from our friends,” Red Bull tweeted.

Pulsating reaction

The tweet went live and fans ate it up in no time. Many hailed the wit of the social media admin and admired the savagery displayed.

It was a clear dig at Mercedes and the general hilarity of the situation. Bottas inadvertently helped Verstappen win the race, and then Ricciardo, the former Red Bull driver, helped keep Bottas behind him and cost Mercedes valuable points in the Constructors’ Championship.

Thanks to Mercedes’ disastrous day in Mexico, Red Bull extended their lead in the Drivers’ Championship to 19 points. Meanwhile, they slashed the gap to Mercedes in the Constructors’ Championship to just a single point.

There is everything to play for in the four races to follow.

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