According to thejudge13, Red Bull is fully ready to take advantage of a potential Mercedes collapse after the 2021 season.

Mercedes have been in the mud since the 2021 season finale at Abu Dhabi. Although they won the Constructors’ Championship for an eighth consecutive time, they lost the Drivers’ Championship in highly controversial fashion.

The fallout has seen one of their drivers hint at retirement and their protests against the FIA go in vain. They head into the upcoming season with uncertainty surrounding their camp, with their era of dominance at risk of ending.

Red Bull is fully ready to take advantage of a potential Mercedes collapse and become the number one team in F1 on all fronts.

Mercedes’ influence looks to be diminishing. Daimler Benz, the primary shareholder, sold stakes in the company, meaning they now only own 30% of the company. The chaos caused by the team after the incident at Abu Dhabi has also affected the image of the company.

Red Bull could become the next giant of F1. Source:


There are reports that Daimler Benz will sell their remaining 30% during 2022 and with that, the team’s name will change. They will no longer have the Mercedes Benz brand on it.

Moreover, with Mercedes being the main power supplier of F1, they have been trying to make demands to the FIA. However, then comes Red Bull, who have also become their equivalent on the grid.

Having taken control of Honda’s UK based performance engine unit, Red Bull now make engines as well. They are now a proper constructor, and their plans for expansion come at the expense of Mercedes.

They have the capacity to supply engines to more teams in the coming years. If they end up being the major player in F1, Mercedes could be staring at irrelevance.

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