Resta gives take on 2022 cars – “The devil is in the detail”

F1 personality Simone Resta gave his take on the 2022 cars, saying it was a complete overhaul from the previous year.

F1 will implement many new directives next season, which include tweaks to surface aerodynamics and ground effect aero. The aim of the new mandate is to bring teams closer in terms of performance, and facilitate more competition on track.

However, the recently-concluded season was a wild ride, with an intense title race and maiden race wins only part of the great highlight reel. The idea of shaking up these foundations is not appealing to some, especially if such exciting seasons can happen again in the coming years.

In that regard, Resta gave his take on the 2022 cars, saying it was a major revolution as far as racing in F1 was concerned.

As quoted by Formulanerds, the former Ferrari man said, “The challenges around the weight of the car from various aspects has been made apparent.

“We’ve seen a progressive improvement in terms of expected performance week after week though, so I believe there’s potential and opportunity to develop the car throughout the season and I expect all the teams will develop their cars significantly during this season.”

The 2022 cars will be vastly different to their predecessors. Source: Haas F1 team

Night and day

“The biggest change is the aerodynamics, and from that perspective it’s a complete revolution because the regulations are so different,” he continued.  

“The brakes and the brake ducts are a big change as well. Not a revolution per se but very different compared to previous years.

“In terms of the car itself – other than the steering wheel, pedals, and extinguisher – there are no carryovers. Everything must be changed essentially. In certain aspects, freedom is limited compared to previous years, but the devil is in the detail, so I suspect that we will see a vast difference in performance across all cars.

“In terms of creating a new car, it’s probably the most complex in the last 20 years,” he concluded.

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