McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo called his Italian GP win the “biggest moment of his career”, with the Monza madness right at the top of his highlight reel.

Ricciardo took an absolutely staggering win at the 2021 Italian GP, leading the race at the start and taking a commanding victory. After having a very lacklustre first half of the season, it was the ultimate redemption arc for the Australian.

No one in their wildest dreams predicted the Honey Badger to take a win at Monza. However, that is exactly what he did, and if you need any reminder of how iconic the moment was, it was “he left Red Bull, he went to Renault, he’s gone to McLaren, he’s gonna get the victory now. It’s McLaren AND RICCIARDO THAT WIN THE ITALIAN GRAND PRIX!”

Ricciardo called his Italian GP win the “biggest moment of my career”, and explained why it ranked above his other wins.

When asked by McLaren’s website about his most memorable moment of 2021, the eight-time race winner said, “I have to go with Monza.

“But that’s not just because I won the race. It’s more the fact that I’m sure 99% of people would have not put me down to win a race this year, so that’s why I’m most proud of that moment; I found a way to overcome some of the lows and make the most of the opportunity when it came.

Ricciardo (centre) celebrates his win at Monza. Source:

“The more time that passes since Monza, the more that I actually realise the effect of that. And I really do think it was the biggest moment, win, race, day of my motorsport career.”

Mixed bag

“For me, some of the low days this year weren’t for a lack of trying, so in a way, I don’t regret anything either,” he continued.

“I don’t feel like I could have tried any harder. If I felt like I hadn’t given it my all then maybe I would have some regrets, but I don’t. So yeah, no regrets, just memories – those words were my first tattoo, actually.

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