It seems like Daniel Ricciardo has inspired the Australian cricket team to do a Shoey, with his trademark celebration being done by his countrymen.

Ricciardo is infamous for his Shoey celebration, where he gets on the podium and drinks champagne from his shoe He also offers it to those on the podium with him, though the acceptance to that has been mixed over the years.

The most recent race saw the Honey Badger fail to finish the race, as he retired due to a power loss issue. However, thousands of miles away, some other Australians ended up victorious, as the Australian cricket team won their first ICC T20 Cricket World Cup.

The Aussies beat New Zealand in convincing fashion. They chased down a 172-run target and took home the trophy. The post-match celebrations were wild, and it seems the McLaren driver’s spirit snuck into the Australian camp.

Ricciardo inspired the Australian cricket team to do a Shoey, with many of the players celebrating with drinks and shoes.

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Australian players celebrate with the Shoey. Source:


Ricciardo has gotten on the podium a lot of times, and he has celebrated those occasions in amazing fashion. His time at Red Bull had a couple of those, and it has come even after he left the Milton-Keynes outfit.

He recently won the Italian GP, and that remains the last time he stepped on the podium and treated fans to the Shoey. Since that race in Monza, however, he has had mixed results.

He finished P4, P13, P5, and P12 in the next four races, before failing to finish in Brazil. His team has been in patchy form recently, and that may have contributed to his mixed bag of results.

It was fun to see the Australian team do a shoey after their victory. Hopefully, Ricciardo can get to doing it again in no time.

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