Ricciardo refuses to get swayed in controversy after Sainz brands his racing style as ‘dirty’

Daniel Ricciardo has responded to Carlos Sainz calling his racing dirty, saying that he relishes it at times.

Sainz and Ricciardo got into a bit of a tussle during the US GP. The Ferrari driver tried to overtake his McLaren counterpart around the outside of a corner, but failed to take the opportunity after making contact.

The Spaniard took to the radio to tell his team that the Australian pushed him off through unfair means. “That got a bit dirty. He did that on purpose, guys,” a frustrated Sainz told Ferrari.

Ricciardo responded to Sainz calling his racing dirty, and said that he does not mind being a bit wayward in racing.

“Obviously you don’t deliberately try to go into someone, but that’s obviously a bit of a bit of rubbing racing,” he said, as quoted by Fox Sports Australia.

“That’s cool. I’m happy to be dirty. I’m a nice guy, so being dirty every now and then is alright!

Ricciardo is happy to drive dirty. Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images/AFP
Ricciardo (pictured) finished above Sainz. Source: foxsports.com.au

“It was definitely tricky, because when you come out of the pits on a new set, you have a little more grip. But if you use it early, then it drops away even quicker. It was a race where you never really felt you could push.

“And then Carlos when he started to come and attack me more, I had no choice but to push, and there wasn’t much left in it at times.”

All behind them

Although he was initially annoyed with Ricciardo and the result he had to settle for, Sainz later stated that he would have done the same thing in the Honey Badger’s position.

“My take is that the guy on the inside does this kind of thing on purpose always to try and squeeze the guy on the outside,” he said.

“I would have done the same. The thing is it got a bit rough with the contact. I think he could have done it a bit cleaner because I nearly spun.

“But it’s all good. I would have done a similar thing if I was in his position. It was a good battle,” he concluded.

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