Ricciardo reveals intention to stay at McLaren – “I want to be in this environment”

Daniel Ricciardo revealed his intention to stay at McLaren, and suggested that he would like to continue with the team indefinitely.

The F1 world erupted in joy when Ricciardo, who struggled to find a rich vein of form for three years, returned to the top step of the podium. He crossed the line first at Monza and won a race he absolutely dominated.

“He left Red Bull, he went to Renault, he’s gone to McLaren, he’s gonna get the victory now. IT’S MCLAREN AND RICCIARDO THAT WIN THE ITALIAN GRAND PRIX” was everyone’s hype line that day, as the Australian took a much-celebrated and deserved race win.

The Woking team did for him what Renault failed to do. As a result, Ricciardo revealed his intention to stay at McLaren, and praised the team for their efforts.

It’s like, not only are you chasing to be fast, you’re also chasing to be in the fastest car,” he said, as quoted by GP Fans.

“But I don’t find myself chasing here. I’ve obviously moved around a bit in the last three years or four years, whatever it’s been, and I do want to, especially because of the environment I find myself in, which is one that I really enjoy, make it work and I want to be here.

Ricciardo reveals reasons for wanting to finish career at McLaren
Ricciardo (pictured) wants to remain at McLaren. Source: gpfans.com

“Also the outside stuff, I like the brand, I like McLaren, I like their cars. So let’s say, the whole company and family is something that I really like being a part of.”

No plans to leave

“The reason why I’m not even thinking about other teams or anything past my future and anything further than McLaren is that, I won in maybe the most difficult year of my career,” he continued.

“So I’m also like, ‘If I can win, then what does that tell for our journey to come?’

“I’m definitely excited, and I do want to be here, potentially till the end, yep.”

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