Robson analyses Russell’s driving style – “In between Button and Hamilton”

Williams Head of Vehicle Performance Dave Robson analysed new Mercedes signing George Russell’s driving style, saying he was a hybrid of two former world champions.

Russell raced with Williams for three years before earning his big-money move to Mercedes. He is under all sorts of pressure, as he will have none other than seven-time world champion and 103-time race winner Lewis Hamilton as his teammate.

The biggest challenge of his career is therefore upon the young Englishman. His time to shine begins in 2022, where he will race for the eight-time Constructors’ Champions in an all-British lineup. Coincidentally, his way of racing has been compared to two of his countrymen.

Robson analysed Russell’s driving style, saying that there were bits of Hamilton and Jenson Button in the driver.

As quoted by, when asked how Russell’s style compares to those of the former world champions, Robson replied, “A good question.

George Russell walks in Mercedes overalls. Abu Dhabi December 2021.
Russell (pictured) will race at Mercedes next season. Source:

“I think Jenson and Lewis were quite different and in terms of driving style, George is also different. He’s kind of in between the two.

“To a certain extent it’s about using the tyres and they’ve changed, so I don’t know what Lewis’ style is like these days.”

Step right up

Russell was very impressive throughout his time at Williams. His highlights included a maiden podium finish at the Belgian GP, a third-place finish at the Russian GP and multiple strong Q2 appearances in a below-average Williams.

However, now that he is a Mercedes driver, Robson reckoned that the most important thing he would have to do is improvise, adapt and repeat.

“The most important thing is that George is able to adapt,” he said.

“He drives quite instinctively and I think he continues to improve. He has the talent.”

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